Water System

The Carlyon Beach Water system includes two wells, a 420,000 gallon reservoir, six miles of water mains, almost seven hundred water connections, 6 fire hydrants, sixty blowoffs, including two older reservoirs and a booster pump station.

Current Water Reports

Our Wells
Our water comes from two wells which take turns filling our reservoir. Both our wells are around 750′ deep with the actual pump at 105′ below the surface. Our water is pumped from the wells to our standpipe (tower) which is located at a 5-acre parcel of land we own that is accessed via Lookout Dr. NW.  Both of our wells have been completely remodeled in the last few years.  Well 1 was remodeled in 2010 and well 2 was remodeled in 2007. Both wells have all new piping inside the wellhouses along with new calibrated source meters, valves, gauges and taps. They both are also equipped with new soft start motor and controls for longer life and less water hammer at startup and shut down. Both have new pressure transducers in them and Well 2 was also inspected down 750′ to make sure the casing and screens were in good shape.  We also got new chlorine injection pumps.
Our Reservoir
Our reservoir was installed in late 1999 and 2000 and holds 420,000 gallons of water. The water that is delivered to your house is what is called “blended source” water. That’s because water from both wells is mixed inside our water tower and then delivered to all our members. We have our reservoir cleaned at least every five years by divers and our next cleaning is scheduled for 2022.