Our office staff are located in the Clubhouse for your convenience, and many events take place in the large open room on that same floor. Members can rent the space at a reasonable price for parties, receptions, and other celebrations. Book your next event and enjoy the view!

Clubhouse Rental

The clubhouse can be rented by members in good standing by signing up in the office for the desired date and paying a deposit and minimal rental fee. Contact the office for the detailed information.

Also available at the Clubhouse

  • Pay dues by cash or check only
  • Copy machine
  • Fax machine
  • Notary Public
  • Lending Library

We also have bagged ice for a reasonable price.

Community Dock

Near the clubhouse is the pier leading out to the marina. Walk down the ramp and you're on the Community Dock, used by all the membership to get close to the water, either for fishing with a state license, or just to relax, feel the breeze, and admire Mount Rainier - if the mountain feels like showing itself.

If you wish to take your children out to the Community Dock, CBHA provides loaner life jackets, located in a bench on the pier. If you find yourself without one for any age or size, borrow ours to stay safe on the water!


Our marina gives member boaters easy access to South Puget Sound's protected waterways. Quick trips to Jerrell's Cove, Hope Island, and restaurants in Olympia make lovely day trips. If you've got the time, our marina can be the gateway to water adventures all throughout Puget Sound, on to the San Juan Islands and beyond.

Our gated marina offers slips in three lengths: 18-foot, 22-foot, 26-foot, on a yearly lease. For current availability and prices, please Contact the office.

Waterfront Park
Our waterfront park is open from 8:00 am until 11:00 pm. Because of its proximity to our marina, the beach is sheltered from the waves and low tide opens up a sandy beach just right for sandcastles! The park offers handicap access, a basketball court, horseshoe pits, a swing-set, climb-n-play equipment, and benches along the beach. There is a covered Wanigan complete with a fireplace, counter, sinks, and a shelf wide enough for crock pots with electrical outlets conveniently spaced to handle a crowd. There are covered tables inside the Wanigan, and more tables out in the sunshine. Barbecues are located next to the Wanigan. All of this equipment is first come, first served, and members are happy to share the space.

Kayak Racks

Carlyon Beach residents have access to some of the best kayaking options on the South Sound with easy access to Hope Island, Totten Inlet, Hammersley Inlet and more. Be sure to check the tide table before you head out as the current can be quite swift out here. To make kayaking convenient, our park has 162 kayak racks ranging in width from three feet to six feet. The racks are leased on a yearly basis for fees ranging from $54 - $90 annually. For more information about how to acquire a rack, please Contact the office..

Boat Launch
Our private boat launch is used by boaters and kayakers for easy access to Puget Sound. Boats with trailers may park inside the gates, though parking is limited. We ask kayakers without trailers to come in to load or unload kayaks only. Otherwise, please park in the clubhouse parking lot or use the limited street parking. This is a members-only area and gates are to be kept locked. Keys are available for a yearly fee; please Contact the office.

Community Garden
The community garden group eagerly encourages volunteers to join them in planting, caring for, and harvesting a bountiful crop of vegetables and flowers. Contact the office for information on how to participate.

Kids' Park at Westwind
This small park located on the corner of Westwind Drive NW and Crestridge Drive NW is perfect for kids of all ages with a play structure, basketball hoop and room to run. It is now fenced all the way around to make it safer for young children.

Dog Park
The neighborhood dog park was built and is maintained by volunteers. It is a lovely wooded fenced acre with trails through a natural habitat of large trees, shrubs, and ferns. It is kept locked to keep it safe for our residents, both humans and dogs. Information on how to acquire a key is available in the office. There is no charge for this amenity.