Welcome to Carlyon Beach!
Nestled at the end of Steamboat Island peninsula, with breathtaking panoramic views of Puget Sound and Mount Rainier, is Olympia's best kept secret: Carlyon Beach. With our long list of private amenities, including a clubhouse, two playgrounds, a dog park, kayak racks, and a marina, Carlyon Beach has something for you!
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February 21, 2023 Board Meeting Audio
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March 13, 2023 Water Update
Hooray! Well #2 is back in service. Once the tower fills again, the discolored water should diminish.

Thank you once again for your understanding through this frustrating period.
March 9, 2023 Water Update
Today the new motor in well #2 was tested. The well ran for a couple of hours so samples could be gathered to take to the lab to check for coliform bacteria. The results probably won’t be available until Monday, so well #1 will be providing water until then. In the meantime, we are consulting with electricians, PSE and our insurance company for possible reimbursement and installation of surge suppressing equipment.

Thank you for continuing to use water conservatively.

March 8, 2023 Water Update
The boil water advisory has been lifted. Well 1 water is fine. To help keep sand from entering the system, the well is pumping at a reduced capacity so please continue to use water wisely. This helps to keep the tower full and maintain decent pressure on Lookout.  

Well 2 is not quite ready for action. Please continue to check the website for updates.

Thank you for your patience.


March 7, 2023 Water Update
Disappointingly, there is not much new to report. Bacteria samples from well #1 have not been received as of 4:00 this afternoon.  Therefore, though the well has been chlorinated and flushed, I can not say that the boil water advisory has been removed. The good news is that with conservation, well #1 has been able to keep up with demand and the water remains clear. It is intentionally pumping at a lower volume which may be helping. (At least, no one has commented to me regarding discolored water.)

Well #2 is not ready to be put into service. The contractor is putting together a proposal to install a surge protector. While this is being considered, the well will be turned on long enough to flush it and collect samples. I expect to have more precise information tomorrow on both wells.

I wish I could have said it’s all good to go, but when we must rely on labs and contractors, it takes longer than we’d like.



Out of an abundance of caution we are closing the Wanigan until it can be fortified.  While we had been planning to replace support posts, an engineer pointed out structural issues that called the safety of the Wanigan into focus.  We will be moving forward as soon as we have all the data.  

Parents, please keep your children out of the Wanigan for safety's sake.