Welcome to Carlyon Beach!
Nestled at the end of Steamboat Island peninsula, with breathtaking panoramic views of Puget Sound and Mount Rainier, is Olympia's best kept secret: Carlyon Beach. With our long list of private amenities, including a clubhouse, two playgrounds, a dog park, kayak racks, and a marina, Carlyon Beach has something for you!


April 16, 2021 - April Meetings Changed to Monday Nights
To accommodate a special need, the April 19 Workshop and the April 26 Board Meeting will happen on Mondays instead of the usual Tuesdays.  As always during COVID restrictions, zoom will be available for members that wish to attend.
April 10, 2021 - Parking Permits Available At Office Starting Monday

The office is ready to start distributing Parking Permits + Guest Permits, beginning Monday, April 12.  The first 2 parking permits are free & each home gets 1 free guest permit.  If you would like, the Parking Permit Form is here on the website, under Quick Links, CBHA Forms, and is available as a fillable form you can complete on your computer and then either print or email to the office at memberservices@carlyonbeachhoa.com.  You can then sign it when you come in to pick up the permits.  Or, it's available as a printable form you can print first and then complete with a pen.  There will also be printed forms available to fill out at the office. 


March 26, 2021 - Covid Updates for businesses like CBHA

Spring is in the air and people are anxious to get outside and have fun again!  Some are wondering when our Clubhouse will be open to members again.  As a business with employees, CBHA has not only the desire to protect our employees, but a mandatory requirement to protect our employees during this pandemic.  You will find the rules for miscellaneous venues here, which are mandatory for opening the clubhouse to members, but are not practical for our clubhouse or the budget.  Also, you will find the Phase 3 Roadmap to Recovery here.  If someone wanted to use the clubhouse kitchen, restaurant rules would also apply, found here. If someone wanted to use the clubhouse for exercise, the fitness guidance rules would also apply, found here.  And of course, Proclamation 20-51.11 for Community Associations can be found here.