Welcome to Carlyon Beach!
Nestled at the end of Steamboat Island peninsula, with breathtaking panoramic views of Puget Sound and Mount Rainier, is Olympia's best kept secret: Carlyon Beach. With our long list of private amenities, including a clubhouse, two playgrounds, a dog park, kayak racks, and a marina, Carlyon Beach has something for you!


2021 Fireworks Rules for Thurston County
Carlyon Beach encourages everyone to keep the 4th of July a safe, fun holiday.  To respect your neighbors and our neighborhood pets, please only set off fireworks on the 4th of July, in the waterfront park, on the water side of the orange temporary fencing.  Please clean up your trash, and spent fireworks.  Thurston County's news release on the Fireworks status is here
June 13, 2021 - Final Vote Results

All By-Law Proposals Passed.  Budgets passed.

By-Law Proposal #1 - For: 115, Against: 37
By-Law Proposal #2 - For: 106, Against: 44
By-Law Proposal #3 - For: 133, Against: 19
By-Law Proposal #4 - For: 143, Against:  6
General Operating Budget - For: 105, Against: 39
Capital Fund Budget - For: 101, Against: 43

Board Vote:

Lisa Krupp - 109
William A Allen - 91
Jeremy Madden - 84

Barbara Quick - 73
Dianne Bradford - 56
Ted Erickson -1
Nathan Bowman - 1
Seth Schade - 1
Donald Trump - 1

Official Tallies are on view in the Clubhouse Kitchen window.


May 21, 2021 - NOAA Contacted Us With A Reminder To Boaters, Kayakers, Others

Complaints of Boaters, Kayakers, and Others harassing seals were received by NOAA and Officer Miller came down to investigate.  He saw we have the sign at the top of the Community Dock stating the Seal are protected mammals.  NOAA's website states "All seals and sea lions are protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act, and some are also listed under the Endangered Species Act. "  He asked that we remind the community of this.

Viewing Guidelines are here.  Remember:

When viewing wildlife at sea, all boats, jet skis, paddle-boards, kayaks, and other watercraft should maintain appropriate distances from marine mammals.  For seals and sea lions in the water, or on shore, remain at least 50 yards away—about 1/2 a football field. This includes people and pets.  Obviously our marina is closer, but marina boaters know to back out slowly and give the seal as much space as possible, and return to the marina at an equally slow speed, minimizing impact.  And this is a reminder if any of them have forgotten.  Kayakers need to watch their distance also.

*Do not feed, or attempt to feed, any marine mammals. It’s harmful and illegal.

*Do not swim with, ride, pet, touch, or attempt to interact with marine mammals or sea turtles in the wild.

If you see strangers near our log boom, let them know they need to stay back.  If you can write down their WN number on their boat, that would be great!

April 10, 2021 - Parking Permits Available At Office Starting Monday

The office is ready to start distributing Parking Permits + Guest Permits, beginning Monday, April 12.  The first 2 parking permits are free & each home gets 1 free guest permit.  If you would like, the Parking Permit Form is here on the website, under Quick Links, CBHA Forms, and is available as a fillable form you can complete on your computer and then either print or email to the office at memberservices@carlyonbeachhoa.com.  You can then sign it when you come in to pick up the permits.  Or, it's available as a printable form you can print first and then complete with a pen.  There will also be printed forms available to fill out at the office.